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What is the relationship between art and the city? Do architects have an ecological responsibility? What role does communication play in the narrative of the new cities? Will trees be our heroes of the future? These and other questions were answered by artists, botanists, journalists and communicators in the interviews of "eUrban Talks", an original EuroHive podcast reflecting on architecture, urban planning, sustainability and art in today's cities.



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Episode #13

Grazia Francescato, Environmentalist, Journalist, former President of WWF Italy, Italian and European Green Party

“Between nature and ideals”

There are "points of light" represented by people, realities, movements, groups of artists and companies that are committed to the good of the planet, but the challenge of climate change requires a broader collective commitment. We need to make "constellation" points of light.

Episode #12

Trina Boyer, Expert chef in Energy food and Ayurvedic cuisine
“The food of the body, the food of the mind”

Choosing carefully what to eat and how to eat it has a significant influence on our physical and mental well-being.

Episode #11

Giuseppe Ragazzini, Painter, set designer e visual artist

“AI + Environment”

What is the environmental impact of artificial intelligence? What should a footprint-conscious company pay attention to before investing in AI?

Episode #10

Shalini Kurapati, Co-founder and CEO of Clearbox AI
“AI + Social”

How can a company benefit from new AI tools while protecting its employees?

Episode #9

Raffaella Aghemo, Innovative Lawyer and blockchain and AI expert
“AI + Governance”

How companies are measuring up to the new challenges of Artificial Intelligence, between corporate policies and international regulations.

Episode #8

Julia Sherbakov, Ecologist

“The Hidden Heroes”

In the fight to save the planet, even a small mosquito can make a difference.

Episode #7

Fabio Francesconi and Roberto Valenti, Botanists at La Sapienza University of Rome

“The City of Trees”

Rome is a unique case, a place where urban space and nature coexist perfectly. 600 thousand trees and more than 40 species make it par excellence the capital of trees.

Episode #6

Fabio Attorre, Botanical Garden of Rome Director

“The Green Revolution”

Eco-system services, biodiversity for the benefit of citizens, and green sensitivity: the key role of institutions in green governance.

Episode #5

Carlo Borriello, Arkage President

“Rome as a new business city

A challenge all to be invented for a capital city in perfect balance between business and wellness.

Episode #4

Marco Gisotti, Journalist and environmental divulgator

“A greener conscience”

We no longer need concrete cities to live in, but places to live.

Episode #3

Andrea Ciulu, Head of Strategy Arkage
“Urban communication”

How city storytelling has revolutionized the evolution of urban communication from the great examples of Bilbao's Guggenheim and New York's High Line to eUrban.

Episode #2

Ria Lussi, Artist and creator of eUrban
“Art beyond Innovation”

Out of a virtuous encounter in a webinar during the pandemic came the vision of eUrban: an artist's intuition that demonstrates how the powerful energy of art can spread well-being everywhere, even in workplaces.

Episode #1

Barbara Polito, Head of Assets GWM
“The human dimension of new workplaces”

Combining past, present and future is possible in the design of new workplaces, designing spaces where there is no longer a clear separation between quality of life and quality of work.


EuroHive magazine

A quarterly editorial project dedicated to EuroHive and the evolution of the workplace concept between business, art and nature.


The right office climate: Making “points of light” a “constellation.”

There are “points of light” represented by people, realities, movements, artist groups and companies that are committed to the good of the planet, but the challenge of climate change requires a broader collective effort. It is necessary to make the "light points" a “constellation.”

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Health in the Office: How Nutrition and Exercise Can Unleash Creativity

The concept of matter can be understood as a form of energy whose vibration has been reduced to a level that can be perceived by the senses.” Albert Einstein   Ancient yoga texts indicate that matter exhibits three distinct qualities or gunas, to which it vibrates: sattva, rajas, and tamas. These Sanskrit terms are translated …

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EuroHive Meets Artificial Intelligence

Silver Fir Capital is a leading proponent of urban regeneration projects, with a strong commitment to ESG principles – Environmental, Social, and Governance – at the core of its activities. These principles align with the three pillars of sustainability for the European Union. EuroHive represents an ambitious project that goes beyond the traditional conception of …

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The Workplace and the Art

The concept of the city and business district is evolving, as is the idea of public art and green spaces. EuroHive, an innovative business hub, addresses this challenge by blending spaces and promoting a dialogue between the different dimensions of our identity: work, wonder, and well-being. EuroHive helps companies meet their ESG targets by contributing …

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The Workplace and Nature

It is well documented that spending a significant amount of time in a particular environment has a substantial impact on each individual. This effect is amplified if the context in question is the workplace, in terms of well-being and, consequently, performance. A number of studies, including the Human Spaces report on biophilic design, demonstrate how …

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The Workplace and the City

The relationship between workplaces and the city is a complex one, with different dynamics emerging at different points in history. In the Middle Ages, for instance, we would have encountered numerous workshops scattered throughout Italian cities, often adjacent to the artisan’s home. This was a productive network that was intertwined with private living spaces but …

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The workplace and the future

Every era experiences significant changes. However, today we have the impression of living in a historical moment where change has become faster and harder to predict. This is undoubtedly the experience of many companies, which in recent years have found themselves navigating major social, cultural, economic, technological, and environmental transformations, some of which have been …

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EuroHive Business Talks

EuroHive presents the first series of events dedicated to ideas for an ESG approach to AI in the enterprise. We will discuss with industry experts how to adopt AI technologies responsibly to mitigate their technical and operational risks.

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AI + Governance

Guest Speaker:

Raffaella Aghemo

In many companies, the adoption of AI happens 'bottom-up', spontaneously but also uncoordinated, with considerable ethical and operational risks. What principles and values should a company be guided by when introducing these technologies and how can it ensure that they are respected?


AI + Environment

Guest Speaker:

To be revealed soon

"AI Anxiety, cognitive bias. The dilemma between AI as an opportunity for companies and a risk for people. How can companies protect their people and at the same time benefit from the 'power' of artificial intelligence? How to remove ambiguities and promote a culture of trust towards AI and create reliable, human-centred solutions.


AI + Social

Guest Speaker:

To be revealed soon

On the one hand, the enormous computing power currently required by artificial intelligence models - both for training and for generating results - results in an energy impact that is still little talked about, and which may become an issue for companies that are mindful of their footprint. On the other hand, AI as a tool for governing plants, buildings and consumption. How to achieve balance? At what point are efforts to make models more efficient and what are the focus points?


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EuroHive Meets AI - Social + AI

EuroHive Meets AI - Governance + AI

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